Use strace with Docker-compose

They say, If you run SSHD in your Docker containers, you're doing it wrong. But sometime it is useful to log into Docker contain to do some checking or run some debug tools. Maybe it won't need to be SSH, Docker's exec command will suit this kind of senarios. Anyway we are trying to get into Docker containers to do something. In my case, I want to figure out what kind of external calls are maken by PHP-FPM by using strace.

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用Docker进行Laravel开发时,如何运行 artisan 才正确

Docker提供了很好的开发隔离环境,使在本地开发的时候能很快的构建开发环境。当使用Docker Compose的时候就更方便了。比如Laravel开发时你可能要用的Nginx、PHP的不同版本、MySQL、Redis、Elasticsearch等等。借助于的帮助,你可以很方便的生成一个Docker Compose配置文件。然后用这个配置文件,运行docker-compose,一个全新的开发环境马上就就绪了。

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